Your Child’s Uniqueness

(Recommended Age: 5+)

Imagine sending your children out to play or to school every day dressed in fine clothes and sturdy shoes, but the clothes are two sizes too small and the shoes are always put on the wrong feet. Although they are well-clothed and have good protection for their feet, they’re going to be very distracted when it comes to how they go about their day.


This is exactly what happens in homes where the parents fail to understand the God-made and unique design of their children. There is now a GAME  you can play with your children as young as 5 years old that can give them (and you their parent) a fabulous and clear picture of their unique design. This is a true game-changer when it comes to creating grace-based homes. This game gives parents a wonderful look into the heart of their child and gives them clear understanding in how to parent them in a way that consistently brings out their best.


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