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  1. 2019….April 14th….Pastor Eric…. Sermon was inspiring and the video was comforting because felt like I was right there with my brothers and sisters too. John 8: 12-30..
    We take HIS Blood and Body (communion) so that we know and identify with the death of Jesus and “personally” accept it as our g reatest gift with gratitude, joy and hope.

    Question~ Pastor Eric… did you say ” Our knowledge of CHRIST is about our knowledge of GOD?” Or, was it knowledge of God is about our knowledge of Christ??? VERY GOOD POINT…. I just missed the GOD/Christ part…and need clarification. I intend to watch today’s sermon again today as soon as it is posted with video. So, if you are busy….which you are – I will find my clarification upon second viewing.
    I had communion with you too. 1st sin is rejecting Jesus….which leads one to many sins. REALLY GREAT POINT!!
    Thank you for the Nuggets of Biblical CLARIFICATION of scripture. This one of the things both Jeremiah enjoy about you. God Bless and Keep you and our families. Amen,

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      Our knowledge of God is dependent upon our knowledge of Christ. In other words, you can’t say you truly know God unless you know Christ.
      Thanks, Suzanne!

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