Love, Sex & Honor

(Recommended Age: 5+)

You might be a bit skeptical…

Beginning this discussion at the age of 5 can be frightening….

Satan loves the fact that you are skeptical. He loves it even better if you assume that it is simply too early to introduce this subject. He loves this for two reasons, he knows for a fact that it’s not too early and he wants to be the first one to introduce the subject to them—but he wants to tell them a bunch of lies. Satan knows that it is far more important to be first than it is to be correct. Being first gives him the high ground and parents are stuck with trying to deprogram their kids through the remainder of their childhood. This is not a one-time conversation but one that starts around the age of 5 and continues throughout their time under your roof.

You are qualified…

Some parents don’t feel qualified because of their promiscuous past. Once, again, Satan has to be chuckling. He loves using shame and embarrassment to silence Christian people/parents from doing what God expects them to do. Instead, have courage, clarity and confidence to open up this discussion with your children in such a way that they feel safe to bring all of what they hear, think and fear to you.


  •  “The story of Me”
  • “Before I was Born”
  • “What’s the big deal?”
  • “Facing the Facts”
  • “How and When to talk About Sex”
  • “The Sexually Confident Wife”
  • “The Invisible Bond”