Ceremony of Manhood/Womanhood

(Recommended Age: 16)

Age 16 is a standard line of demarcation in our culture.

The biggest event is that in most states 16 is the year a teenager can first legally drive. This is a great year to mark with a ceremony of manhood or womanhood. Notice that “Rite of Passage” is an event that is primarily involving one of the parents with the teenager.

The Celebration

This particular occasion is more of a “ceremony” involving numerous adults who have played a key role in a son or daughter’s life. It can be very elaborate, but it doesn’t have to be. It might be as simple as inviting 3 or 4 godly adult friends and 1 or 2 church leaders who have played a key role in your son or daughters life over to your house (restaurant, et al) to spend an evening with your young man or woman. You could have them share the one or two things they wished someone would have shared with them when they were 16. Then have them isolate the 2 or 3 qualities they see in your son or daughter. Close it off by each one laying their hands on your son or daughter and praying a blessing over them and their future.