Teacher Tips

We are posting videos for the next 3 Sundays on this page. Come back each week and scroll down to the appropriate video.

Sunday, June 10

Paul Before Rulers

  1. Felix: The Corrupt Ruler Who Feared Judgment (Acts 24:22-27)
  2. Festus: The Wavering Ruler Who Shifted Responsibility (Acts 25:1-12)
  3. Agrippa: The King Who Was Not Quite Persuaded (Acts 26:24-32)


Sunday, June 17

The Shipwreck

  1. Cling to God’s Promises When the Mission Seems Threatened (Acts 27:13-32)
  2. See the mission go forward through faithfulness in the storm (Acts 27:33-44)
  3. Take Courage in the Fulfillment of God’s Word (Acts 28:11-16)


Sunday, June 24

Paul Expresses Joy in Prison

  1. Joy at Seeing the Gospel Advance (Phil. 1:12-18)
  2. Joy in Exalting Christ in Life or Death (Phil. 1:18-26)
  3. Joy at Seeing Others Stand Firm in Suffering (Phil. 1:27-30)